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Why We Can't Stop Running

Elena is a Russian citizen — with a Russian passport. Meg is a Canadian citizen — with a Canadian passport. There are very few countries that allow us both temporary entry — without prohibitive visas for one or the other of us. Like all foreign tourists, we have a limited time in any one country. We must keep moving-on in order to stay together.

Ultimately, we want to be citizens of the same country. Canada has refused to grant Elena citizenship. Elena can't bring Meg to Russia because it does not recognize us as a family. This means that we cannot be together in either of our home countries.

We share what we're doing to stay together, in our blog.

Kismet on Cape Cod

by Elena

Two years ago, exactly at this time in November, Meg and I escaped Atlantic winter in the nick of time and sailed from Nova Scotia to Massachusetts. To us it is a special place. For the first time in years of life on the run to be together, we and our love were acknowledged and appreciated.     (More...)

From the Deep Sea to the Deep Jungle

Elena and Meg in the jungle
by Elena

What Meg and I saw in tropical jungle of Central America will keep us thinking for a long time. These are some of the photos we took on our deep jungle trip.     (More...)

It's a Universal Love Story

Meg Stone dons diving gear to see through wind driven sand
by Meg

At the time, we had no idea that what we were doing would strike a UNIVERSAL chord in the collective consciousness. People reach out to us from across the entire human spectrum. It has nothing to do with romance -- AKA sex -- it is all about love and letting nothing stand in your way.


Our story continues in Parallel

Front cover of Elena Ivanova's sequel to Talking to the Moon, Parallel
by Elena

I share Parallel, in Russian, here. Meg and I are translating Parallel into English. If we see a whole bunch of people clamoring for the translation, we'll certainly get it out there faster.

Why Not Canada & What’s Next?

It is assumed that because Meg and I took off into the unknown on a sailboat to stay together and headed for Meg’s home country, we got to Canada’s shore and lived there happily ever after. This couldn’t be further from what really happened.     (More...)

Boat for Sail!

Elena Ivanova in the rubber dinghy somewhere in the tropics

More than four and a half million bucks for a seriously-experienced, ultra-high-miles, sailboat might seem a wee bit pricey, but just wait til you see the extras you get with this lady-driven, gem! The discerning shopper knows what we're talking about.     (More...)

Heading for Panama

Elena adjusts the sail

We are setting off for our next long haul journey. Without a country for us, our next closest stop is Panama. Though we are considerably lacking fuel and provisions we should be able to successfully reach Panama in 8 to 10 days.

If there is no updates from us in a couple of weeks, assume, we didn’t make it. In that case, we have no regrets and we lived on our own terms. Elena and Meg out...

Overwhelming Response

by Elena
Elena and Meg on the USS aircraft Yorktown with their passports

When Meg and I were crossing Atlantic ocean on our way to Canada, I had no idea that one day that very trip, Meg’s and my very love, would connect me to so many people, and in every part of the world.     (More...)

Our Plan of Action

Boadicea crashes through the waves into a sunset on the high seas

Our only immigration problem is 12 years in limbo, falling for Canada’s brand-promotion. We definitely have egg on our faces, and less safety than when we set out from Kyiv.

F*ck em, we’ll go on!     (More...)

We’ve Got Passports!

Elena and Meg on the USS aircraft Yorktown with their passports

Well, this is it. We both have passports! Unfortunately, from different countries. We’re pretty much, right back where we started, 12 years ago, but we’ve grown up a lot since then. One way or another, it’s a new beginning to another stage in our lives, and the adventure goes on!

Personal Freedom – a Fast Track to Exile

by Elena
Elena Ivanova wanders a lonely highway of exile

On the way across the planet we became liberated of every single constraint and doctrine there is. At the conclusion of the escape, the journey that liberated us, was Canada.     (More...)

Our Adventures in North America

Elena Ivanova stands on a formation in California's Owens Valley with the Sierra Nevada mountains behind her.

Just because we clung to North America on an immigration crap-shoot, doesn’t mean we stopped living! We’ve had one heck of a great adventure, exploring this amazing continent. Here’s a few elbow-biting pics to prove it.     (More...)

Achieving the Unimaginable

Elena Ivanova on a swing in Willows Park, Oak Bay
by Elena

I describe what held me prisoner of "fate" in Russia, fearful and reluctant to change my life, and how I was able to break free.     (More...)

We Granted Ourselves Freedom

by Meg

It really comes down to making, or taking your own human rights, equality, dignity, and safety. Something granting you permission to be free, to think, to love, to dream is about the most denigrating act of all.     (More...)

SOS: Saving Our Ship

Elena Ivanova with arms in the air cries out, Savvannah or bust

In summer/fall of 2017 Meg and I got trapped in Nova Scotia with Canada refusing to issue me a Travel Document. After a reporter spooked the Canadian government department responsible, I was issued the document in a matter of hours. We escaped the winter in the nick of time, saving our lives and our ship.

Here are some photographs from that wild run down North America's East Coast.     (More...)