Canada Denies Elena Citizenship
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Canada Refuses to Grant Elena Citizenship.
What now?

Canada has spoken: we are not welcome. Okay, we get it, and let’s face it, Canada is really not our party scene! Reality is: we just want to be together. Being a family with citizenship in the same country would be a total bonus, but hey, it ain't gonna happen for the likes of us. And really, Elena’s objective wasn’t to be Canadian, it was to be with me. All we want is a bit of safety, not to be separated, to be equals, to pursue our dreams, to adventure on our sailboat, and know this amazing planet!

Elena Ivanova sits in melancholic contemplation of what’s next, and where to?
Elena reflects on what’s next, and where to?

Okay, so... What Now?

We will always fight to be together. But we’re giving up on the Canadian immigration optics game. We’ve risked, and sacrificed, and fought so hard, on this never-ending journey home, that home has become kind-of irrelevant. It really is all about the journey, which -- as I’m sure you know -- is a metaphor for life, love, dreams. The simple fact is that neither of the countries we came from want or welcome us (and people like us), and we don’t really feel like crashing a party where we’re not welcome or wanted.

We don’t want citizenship (or anything to do with) countries -- like Russia or Canada -- that systematically deny and erode people’s rights and dignity for any reason: who they love, how they live. And despite how they spin it -- as in Canada's case -- which just makes it gross. We don't want to participate in the propaganda, we just want to be together somewhere on this planet.

So, Elena is stuck being Russian. I am stuck being Canadian. And sure, they are both asshole countries when it comes to human rights, but they can’t actually deny us passports (we hope). So, we will live from one country (not Canada or Russia) to the next, that lets us land. Unless, of course, they meet us with pitchforks and torches!

In Kiev, we had no idea it would turn out to be this hard. We didn’t think about it in McDonald’s... we just held on tight and ran like hell. It’s been one heck of a run, and we’re still running! We might never stop. We may never be safe. But we are living life on our own terms, and we are free.

We have taken back our lives, and we encourage others to do the same!

We refuse to be made lesser by how we choose to live, and whom we choose to love. Essentially, we refuse to be victimized or play the victim role for anyone, or their games and optics. It is because of this -- more than anything, we believe -- that countries, like Russia and Canada, try to hurt us, and people like us, with such a passion.

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