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I Finished my Second Book, Parallel

Today I finished writing the first draft of my second book “Parallel”. It was the last chapter and I was astonished to discover what it was all about. All along, all this time.

It is so simple and yet so covered up, so concealed from us throughout our whole life. I still have tears in my eyes for myself, for Meg, for everyone who wants to be free – to regain the hold on their own life.

That’s why it felt so terrific in 2006 to be at the helm of that yacht – leaving land with Meg I was finally, for the very first time gaining control over my life. The sea was terrifying, but there, in the sea, it was the liberation of its most true sense – away from people, from conditioning, from fear of that conditioning. I was having a hold on my life, and more importantly – on its direction! For the first time the direction I was following was MY direction, it was chosen BY ME.

Meg, my dearest companion in my journey and life, was doing the very same – she was liberating herself from the world she was — like me, stranded in, trapped by, wrapped up in. We both were liberating ourselves then, heading for the open sea, doing what the hell was right for us – simply being left alone, being ourselves and loving the world together.

Life is priceless, it is up to us to take it, to hold it, to admire it, to love it. I have taken my life back, and I won’t let it go.

I am sharing Parallel, the story of my love for Meg and my personal liberation, with any one who wants to know about it. Meg and I are working on the translation as time allows.

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