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From the Deep Sea to the Deep Jungle

What Meg and I saw in tropical jungle of Central America will keep us thinking for a long time. The jungle is not just "beautiful" but integral, invaluable to us as children of this planet. We realized it clearly when we met with it's creatures face to face and spent days watching them, learning about them and from them. We fell in love with them all, but they may not be there for much longer and their home will be destroyed by humans in the near future.

What you see on these photos may not be there in a few decades. People on bulldozers and money behind them can't wait to get the signal from the government to start ripping all of this to shreds and develop into glamping camps, "Eco-lodges" and yoga-hostels.

In these jungles Meg finished Convergence, with gratitude to Louis and Sophie for preserving one last vestige of this incredible environment.


Male howler monkey
Male howler monkey calling in the morning
a smaller toucan
One of the smaller species of toucans
Female spider monkey
Female spider monkey foraging
Female spider monkey
Another female in the same group
Capuchin monkey
Capuchin monkey rummaging for food in the morning
Toucan isn't afraid of humans, yet
Jungle in the morning
Tropical jungle in the morning
This one is feeding on palm tree fruits
Coiba island, Panama photo by Elena and Meg
A pregnant spider monkey female
Another glorious toucan
This lizard hardly ever moves, but watches you carefully
Coiba island, Panama photo by Elena and Meg
Young spider monkey left her mother for a while

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