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Overwhelming Response

When Meg and I were crossing Atlantic ocean on our way to Canada, when I found myself on a sailboat and with the woman I loved I had no idea that one day that very trip, Meg’s and my very love, would make it possible for me to connect to so many people and in every part of the world.

I can no longer squeeze what I feel into just a few words of appreciation. What you give Meg and I with your feedback is so much more!

Elena Ivanova, during her Atlantic ocean crossing with Meg
One of the evenings during our Atlantic crossing. As usual, sunsets at sea terrify me

I feel as though something enormous is being concealed from people in the modern age of confrontational, globalized and dehumanized media. In it, I can not find anything that would uplift me or would make me want to go on, to love life. And then I find the most beautiful and the most moving words in a letter from a person Meg and I have never met. It is desire for happiness, for loyalty, for human love, for being free of any kind of constraint, desire for life itself, for experience! It is a wonder of human spirit and what it can achieve. I found it in my relationship with Meg and I am so happy you find it in our love and in what we’ve done for it.

Our Atlantic crossing. Meg meets the sunrise
Our Atlantic crossing. Meg meets the sunrise

People of the world, everybody who have heard about our story of love and freedom and who is inspired by it, thank you for being inspired, thank you for feeling, for crying, for wanting what they convince us is unachievable and wrong. Freedom and love are very much achievable! Like a long journey they begin with one single step. For me that step was abandoning self-doubt and following my heart.

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