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The Plan

To set the record straight: our only immigration problem is 12 years in limbo, falling for Canada’s brand-promotion. We definitely have egg on our faces, and less safety (and way fewer delusions, mind you) than when we set out from Kiev. We sure wouldn’t have wasted so much time and money, and heartache if we’d known earlier that Canada wouldn’t recognize our family and grant us equal rights. Of course, that leaves us with the original problem: NOT being citizens of the same country, and constantly faced with separation.

F*ck em, we’ll go on!

All we want is: not to be separated, equality, and freedom. We figure, we can get all that ourselves! We've done it on our own all along. It's really not up to anyone to bestow it upon us. Maybe risking everything for our love and freedom makes it that much more precious to us. And really, that is probably why we are an anathema to Canadian optics.

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