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Our Universal Love Story

Where's the movie? We get asked that, a lot.

First off, we didn't cross the planet -- risking everything including our lives -- to be the subjects of a motion picture. Don't get us wrong, though. Knowing that people are inspired and moved by what we did for ourselves -- because there was no way we couldn't follow our hearts, take back our lives, and risk everything for what we knew was right for us -- has been an overwhelming, heartwarming, inspiring experience for Elena and me.

The tsunami of truly heart wrenching, touchingly personal and devastatingly honest feedback we've received, is a life changing experience for both of us. The depth of human yearning, emotion and passion has blown us away! Somehow, our actions resonated somewhere in the collective human experience and broke through a barrier holding back an ocean of tears.

The movie offers have totally missed that. It's like they have a story to sell, and a LGBTQIA+ label provides a plethora of incentive funding, branding-optics and marketing opportunities. Then, Elena and I are supposed to smile demurely and provide the coveted True Story seal of approval.

But that's just, plain wrong; being two women who love each other is only an attribute of who we are. An obstacle in our way, maybe... like kindred spirits from different countries, religions, cultures, classes, even families (remember the Montagues and the Capulets). It is a small part of our motivation for doing what we absolutely had to do: defy the arbitrary rules and programming imposed upon us by others, do what is right for us, follow our hearts, and take back our lives. At the time, we had no idea that what we were doing would strike a UNIVERSAL chord in the collective consciousness. People reach out to us from across the entire human spectrum. It has nothing to do with romance -- AKA sex -- it is all about love and letting nothing stand in your way. We didn't risk our lives and go to the ends of the Earth to have sex. We did it because we love each other, we love ourselves, we love our lives, and we're willing to die for that.

What sticks in our craws is, how can it be a love story without romance: read SEX? Don't confuse romance with passion. Personally, we didn't -- and still don't -- do anything without passion, or there's just no point.

People tell us, they find our story the most inspiring, moving love story they've ever heard. We ourselves have cried over letters we've received; lives lived, love lost, denied. A screenwriter of some of Hollywood's hardest hitting action thrillers, moved to tears in his car. A stranger bequeathing us her estate... and those aren't outliers. It's been an emotional ride. As Elena said, we're overwhelmed.

We had pretty much given up on "Hollywood" to tell stories like ours. We figured, it's just not what they do. Our story is about love, personal freedom, doing what is right for oneself, doing whatever it takes to take back your life. It has nothing to do with sex, or fitting in, or status, or image. That's likely the problem: how can you sell that?

But then, sitting in bed -- hoovering down my first cuppa Joe with Elena still asleep beside me -- I scanned the news. I came across the following article on BBC. It blew my mind. Maybe, the film industry has finally started to get it.

BBC Culture article image for Hollywoods new kind of love story

A few quotes from this article

  • ... Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise’s first female-fronted superhero movie (Captain Marvel), it wasn’t just what the film had that made it different, but also what it was lacking – a traditional romantic storyline.
  • ... best friend(s) ... their relationship as a driving force of the movie. "This is the love of the movie; this is the great love," said Brie Larson (lead actor) during a press junket for its release. "This is the love lost. This is the love found again. This is the reason to continue fighting and to go to the ends of the Earth for the person."
  • ... to put a love story between two women at the heart of its film – in place of a traditional romance – signified a wider shift seen in film in 2019.

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