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Talking to The Moon, Elena

Talking to the Moon

I escaped a dark and soul-crushing world where my life wasn't my own. I could trust no one. I was entirely alone. By sheer accident, I met a mysterious westerner online, mere weeks from forced marriage. Not only did she shatter my programming, but suggested we meet in Kiev. Getting to Ukraine's capital was going to be my escape, my battle to take back my life, and my only chance to survive.

Love Across Enemy Lines

Love Across Enemy Lines

I lived a shallow and meaningless life; until a brutally honest Russian, I met online, changed everything about the way I saw the world and my place in it. By effecting an elaborate escape to meet me in Kiev, Elena loosed a bloody vendetta against us. Our only hope was crossing the planet, underground, entirely on our own and unsupported. By refusing to put our fate in the hands of others, we managed to survive, stay together, and more than anything else, we learned to love and trust ourselves. During this unthinkable, year-long run for our lives, I not only rescued the deer-in-the-headlights Russian, who crashed into my life, but found and rescued myself.

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