Meg and Elena’s Canvas

Elena and Meg, The Stain of Exile canvas, Talking to the Moon

Title: Stain of Exile
Years of creation: 2019 through 2023.
Material: biochemistry on canvas.
Dimensions: 59 inches/150 cm x 90 inches/230 cm
Offered unframed.
Price: 500,000 USD
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Four years in the making, from deep in the tropic of Cancer, the very chemistry of life and laws of nature which define our universe have conspired to reach out through this stunning work of living art. Their message: Life in exile leaves its mark. Life itself leaves the stain. In this case it is the stain of freedom. In fact, Elena has signed the Russian word for freedom as a proxy for the artist which is, in fact, the universe and its physical laws that came to create us. This extraordinary canvas is truly nature expressing herself through the incredibly rare convergence of time, space, physical laws, and the love of two people from across enemy lines, forced into exile to be together.

Hiding in jungle estuaries, aboard their yacht, Boadicea, this canvas started out as a protective barrier and aid to survival. Over the years nature sculpted it into this amazing expression of life and struggle. Elena and Meg recognized it for what it is and offer it to the world or the appreciative collector or museum for the absurdly low price of half a million US dollars.


Anguish of exile

Anguish of exile, Elena and Meg, Stain of Exile canvas

Tears fall from a heavily lidded eye. Nature herself looking at humanity, the latest extinction level event, through this canvas.

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the storm, Elena and Meg, Stain of Exile canvas

Some process or competing organism scoured clean this section of the canvas. The shape is reminiscent of the hurricanes and storms endured by exiles. Not only was the existing mycological life wiped out, but just like a storm scouring clean an environment, life can begin again.

Stone ax

Stone ax, Elena and Meg, Stain of Exile canvas

Reminiscent and reflective of the first stone tools, this biochemical image speaks of self-sufficiency, strength and survival of the fittest.

Tears of Russia

Tears of Russia, Elena and Meg, Stain of Exile canvas

Parallel and converging lines. Friends, families, lovers, torn apart. A dark cloud trailing tentacles? Tears? Rivers of blood? Or Elena’s uncried tears for the country she left behind? That now, more than ever, crumbles into an ocean of lives and love lost forever.

Svoboda signature

Svoboda signature, Elena and Meg, Stain of Exile canvas

Signature of the artist, by proxy.

Elena and Meg, Stain of Exile canvas

Stain of Exile as photographed on a beach in Bahamas