Living our love, our freedom, our dreams

Personal Freedom – a Fast Track to Exile

By Elena

Time is passing and I am glad it does. It heals the wounds Canada inflicted by denying me citizenship in my partner's, my family's, country. I also discovered that the pain Meg and I lived with for more than 6 years, being played like a fish while Canadian Immigration decides to deny me equal rights, was actually self-induced. Giving in to "fate" and convincing myself that I have no power over my life was of my own making. (more…)


By Elena

I believe that not wanting sex - "asexuality" - isn't a newly discovered phenomenon. It's just that social programming in the Western world, in connection with sex (also with not wanting to have children or to partner with someone), is so prominent that people feel awkward if they don't want it.


“Talking to the Moon”

By Elena

Translated Excerpt

I translated a fragment of my memoir “Taking to the moon.” I have written it in third person. Natalia’s character is me. Sergey is the man I was forced to date.

This is the second chapter. It describes a clandestine relationship I was in with another woman, in Russia, before I met Meg. (more…)

Symbols of Our Love

By Elena

Before we met in person in Kiev, in emails to me, Meg told me about a golden ring she had with Roman numerals. It represented time and space: the clock and the compass. To Meg it also represented the potential of attaining the unimaginable. (more…)

Achieving the Unimaginable

By Elena


Meg and I, over an entire year, crossed half the planet – from Ukraine to Canada’s west coast – in order to be together. Most of that trip, from Turkey to British Columbia, where Meg had a home, was by sailboat. We had no other option. We embarked on this endeavor, not just because Meg had some aviation experience and the money to buy a sailboat, but because we couldn’t help but do this. (more…)