The Bastards Won't Win! Risking it All to Stay Together

The Plan

By Meg

Just to set the record straight: our only immigration problem is 12 years of our lives kinda denigrated by idiotically falling for Canada’s brand-promotion (propaganda). We wouldn’t have wasted so much time and money, if we’d known earlier, Canada wouldn’t recognize our family and grant us equal rights. So, really, the only problem is that we are NOT citizens of the same country, and are constantly faced with separation.

F*ck em, we’ll go on!

Our Plan is

to make a kick-ass, take-back-your-life battle-cry, blockbuster movie and a shitload of money to get us BOTH citizenship in the SAME country. All we want is: not to be separated, equality, and freedom. We figure, with a lot of money, we can get that!

A Pair of Aces

By Meg

We have come out of an all too prevalent closet, hidden under the LGBT blanket. It’s taken a number of years, and the common misconception is that because we are two women that want to be together, we are lesbian (homosexual) and in a sexual relationship. The reality is, our relationship isn’t based on sex and it never was, nor was it even a consideration. Although this really doesn’t matter to us, classification seems to be terribly important. It also helps define how we want to be treated by others.

Make your own rights

By Meg

It really comes down to making, taking, or faking your own human rights, or equality, or dignity, or safety. The fact that there are “rights” at all, means that there is someone (or thing) threatening those rights. Declaring you lesser than they, by not letting you do something that they can. Usually, imposing that inequality for their own bloody aggrandizement. (more…)