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The Journey has Never Ended

By Elena

In 2006 Meg, a Canadian, and I, Elena – a Russian – crossed half the planet to be together and free.

The journey has never ended. Our escape not only opened up the world for us, it also liberated us from the programming and rituals of society. We, no longer, can live without personal freedom, and we are thrilled to travel the world in search of new adventures and friends.

Key Posts

We’re not citizens of the same country: The Plan
Personal Freedom – a Fast Track to Exile
Unprogrammed, A Pair of Aces
Symbols of Our Love
Elena is refused Canadian citizenship: what we’re going to do
Acheaving the Unimaginable – Elena on personal liberation
Make Your Own Rights – Meg on personal liberation

What’s Happening Now

What's happening now:
Опубликована новая глава "Параллели" - часть 2, глава 3.
New chapter up on CONVERGENCE. Calling it, "Cut to the Chase" -- describes Elena @lenna taking the lead, and putting a scam artist to task in Odessa, Ukraine.


Another few steps in the crazy, year-long adventure, and run-for-our lives to stay together... and NOT dead.

I've just posted a new chapter of CONVERGENCE: Our True Story of Love, Survival and Finding Freedom

Chapter 20: EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE is about Elena standing up to her mother, and several crazy, desperate, long-shot hijinks to stay together, get out of Ukraine and find a way home.
I've just posted a new chapter of CONVERGENCE: Our True Story of Love, Survival and Finding Freedom on

Chapter 19: OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD is about a hilarious and horrifying encounter with the Russian Consulate in Odessa, Ukraine.
This post should be read with a proper, English accent.

Make no mistake about it! Just because I am posting CONVERGENCE chapters, to beat the band. Infers, in no way whatsoever, that we are safe, on land, being proper and in our place.

No, no, no, and noooo! Our next breath could be seawater, our next heartbeat our last. This is life, this is adventure, this is love!
I've just posted a new chapter! 18: CHASING WILD GEESE on CONVERGENCE: Our True Story of Love, Survival and Finding Freedom

Read it here:
Dear CONVERGENCE subscribers!

The membership plugin has been overwhelmed and packed it in. I could rant about software, but I would prefer readers, ignited to take back their lives, and living their love (like we did, and are doing).


I would, however, still like to be paid for my work, and hosting costs. If you have subscribed, THANK YOU, your interest means everything to us, but some coin is also very much appreciated. If you haven't, and would like to pay for this work, the PayPal link is still provided.
CONVERGENCE. chapter 17 -- Hitting the Open Road, is now live and on-site
"Parallel" is my second book that tells the story of Meg's and my struggle for our love and our life. Chapter 8 has been translated from Russian into English, read it here
CONVERGENCE readers! Chapter 16 "Getting the Hell Out Of Dodge" -- photos and captions, are now available on [link src="

Why"]? You may ask, after such an egregious delay, full-color, suitable for framing, awe-inspiring photographs and captions should appear on the CONVERGENCE site. It's because I managed to resurrect my computer. Million-to-one shot, let me tell you, but using scraps and pieces of computers past, and the mangled remains of this one, I have created a reanimated zombie-top computer.

Apart from getting really, really hot and smelling a bit like brimstone, my Franken-computer goes really well with this steam punk style I'm kinda into.
There is a highly technical, meteorological term for the type of weather we are experiencing: it sucks! Actually, it's so sucky, it defies human comprehension.

In layman's terms: we are stuck in a perpetual gale. The wind never let's up. And it's not a gentle, merciful breeze that keeps the bugs down. Nooooo, it's a howling, rip-roaring, gusty blast that pulls the snot right from your nose and plasters it in your hair. The only sailing one does now, is unintentional when the anchor rips out, or the windlass clutch slips at three in the freaking morning.

It's too windy to launch the dingy. Swimming's suicide in this chop. So, we are stuck on board. Hoping we don't starve to death, or die of boredom, before the wind lets up.

We're anchored in a big bay; dozens of boats are hiding from the blast in it. We are probably the biggest (deepest), thus, we keep to deeper water, further from shore. Mercifully, all the "cruisers" are clotted together, close in to a trash-heap of a settlement, and safely (and comfortably) far away from us, exercising their insurance policies (if they have any), dragging into each other, no doubt.

Got some pretty big news coming up... soon! Will get it up on the blog ASAP.

No idea when, where, or if, we can come in from the sea -- we're working on that. Believe me, we are working on that all the time. Keeping spirits up, living every day as fully as we can, making every heartbeat count, and having one heck of a great adventure along the way.

NASA should hire us as consultants for deep-space missions.

That's the news, for now. I need another half-liter of coffee!

Meg, out
CONVERGENCE readers! I've been getting material posted with an 8" android tablet. Let's just say, it's a bit like sweeping out a barn with a toothbrush! Rewrites of chapters 14 & 15 are posted along with photos and captions for chapter 15.
We're winding our way back to the seriously-off-the-beaten-path Bahamas: the extreme southeast islands and cays; the desolate, raw edge of this sunken archipelago; places with no signs of tourist infestation. We'll try to find fuel and groceries in the eczema cays, on our way back to the Bahamas that counts! Then we'll be on our way back to Turks and Caicos for an expletive filled meeting or two (and to buy me another computer!) and then, who knows? This is adventure, liberation and how life should be! Not a heartbeat wasted.
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23/01/2019 Sticky

Overwhelming Response

By Elena

When Meg and I were crossing Atlantic on our way to Canada, when I have just left everything and everybody I knew behind and found myself on a sailboat and with the woman I loved I had no idea not only how much that journey would change me but that one day that very trip, Meg’s and my very love, would make it possible for me to connect to so many people and in every part of the world.


Elena’s Interviews with Meg

By Elena

In 2006 two women, a Russian and a Canadian, sailed half the planet to be together. In these interviews I, Elena, ask Meg questions I wondered about for years.



By Elena

PARALLEL is my second book, where two words are converging: my life with Meg after our journey to Canada and a parallel reality in 2005 where my counterpart had never met Meg.


The Plan

By Meg

Just to set the record straight: our only immigration problem is 12 years of our lives kinda denigrated by idiotically falling for Canada’s brand-promotion (propaganda). We wouldn’t have wasted so much time and money, if we’d known earlier, Canada wouldn’t recognize our family and grant us equal rights. So, really, the only problem is that we are NOT citizens of the same country, and are constantly faced with separation.

F*ck em, we’ll go on!

Our Plan is

to make a kick-ass, take-back-your-life battle-cry, blockbuster movie and a shitload of money to get us BOTH citizenship in the SAME country. All we want is: not to be separated, equality, and freedom. We figure, with a lot of money, we can get that!

We’ve Got Passports!

By Elena

Well, this is it. We both have passports! Unfortunately, from different countries. We’re pretty much, right back where we started, 12 years ago, but we’ve grown up a lot since then. One way or another, it’s a new beginning to another stage in our lives, and the adventure goes on.

And really, who needs their love validated, recognized, or sanctioned by their government, anyway!

Personal Freedom – a Fast Track to Exile

By Elena

Time is passing and I am glad it does. It heals the wounds Canada inflicted by denying me citizenship in my partner's, my family's, country. I also discovered that the pain Meg and I lived with for more than 6 years, being played like a fish while Canadian Immigration decides to deny me equal rights, was actually self-induced. Giving in to "fate" and convincing myself that I have no power over my life was of my own making. (more…)

Possible reasons for citizenship refusal

By Meg

Any of these might have something to do with IRCC's negative decision on Elena's citizenship application: (more…)

Why don’t we appeal?

By Meg

It’s looking like we did everything right: did our time, paid our fees, jumped through the hoops, and they (Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada) messed up. Probably, on purpose (see The reasons why). We screwed up by assuming that like a normal organization they would see their oversights, fix them, and live up to their end of the contract: give us the service we paid for in full (with our money and years of our finite lives). (more…)

Elena is refused Canadian citizenship: what we’re going to do

By Meg

Canada has spoken: we are not welcome. Okay, we get it, and let’s face it, Canada is really not our kind of party scene! Reality is: we just want to be together, being a family with citizenship in the same country would be a total bonus. Elena’s objective wasn’t to be Canadian, it was to be with me. All we want is a bit of safety, not to be separated, to be equals, to pursue our dreams, to adventure on our sailboat and see some of the world that denied us landing all those years ago, when we fled for our lives across half this amazing planet.

What Now? (more…)

Course: Oblivion

By Elena

And that’s it, Meg and I won’t be a Canadian family, because I won’t be Canadian citizen.

We’ve been coasting on the hope of us one day being equal and not living with the fear of being separated due to us being citizens of different countries for so many years, we both feel hollowed out. (more…)

Shimmering possibility of citizenship

By Elena

This morning I checked my online citizenship application status, as I did throughout the course of more than 6 years, and thought I was still dreaming. “In process” transformed into “Decision Made”. I will supposedly “receive correspondence within the next three months.” Three months to get in touch with me? They also don’t tell you what the decision is! For what possible reason? To keep the torture going a while longer, I figure. (more…)