Two Women, One Planet, Infinite Risk



  • First person narration, from Meg’s point of view.
  • Serial publication/distribution via sequential installments. A new chapter posted every couple of days.
  • Unrestricted, free access, through the end of Part One.
  • Access to parts two and three, via paid subscription.

Table of Contents


Starting with the first chapter of PART TWO, a subscription will be required. Once purchased, your subscription will give you access to all existing and future chapters of CONVERGENCE. It will also allow you to download the complete book, at no additional cost, when it is available.

Based on the following, extremely complicated, pricing formula, it may behoove you to subscribe early.

  • Before the release of the first chapter of Part Two, a subscription form will be provided on this website.
  • When Chapter 1 of Part Two is released, the cost of a subscription, to read it (and all future chapters), will be $0.00 – yup, that’s zero!
  • When Chapter 2 of Part Two is released, the cost of a subscription will rise to $0.50 (yeah, 50 cents).
  • When Chapter 3 is out, subscribing will cost $1.00 (a buck).
  • Chapter 4’s release, jacks the price up to $1.50, and with each subsequent chapter release, a subscription will cost 50 cents more. See why it behooves you to subscribe early?
  • When Chapter 13 of Part Two, hits the web server (is released) the new subscription rate will be an astonishing $6.00, which is where it shall remain.


This book is memoir. It reflects the author’s present recollections of experiences over time. Some names and characteristics have been changed, some events have been compressed, and some dialogue has been recreated.