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Two Women, One Planet, Infinite Risk


We crossed half the planet, completely on our own, to be together. Meg, a Canadian, and Elena, a Russian -- had no choice but to risk it all, or be parted forever.

Convergence is Meg's narrative of our year-long struggle for freedom and love.

The paywall is down on Chapter 11 -- Convergence. It's the chapter that describes the spark that ignited this whole, run-for-our-lives adventure. Simply, too important to hide.


- chapters avalable without subscription.

A new chapter posted every 3 days -- or so -- and announced on Twitter.


Oct 9 - Tuesday: I apologize for delays. Another hurricane is on the way, and the boat needs to be made ready with a lot of diving. It's safe to say, I'll get right back on it, when I can keep my head above water -- literally!

Oct 11 - Thursday: 'cane has spun itself into the Atlantic, and I'm converging on Convergence. With luck, and a lot of coffee, I'll have the next chapter up tomorrow.


This book is memoir. It reflects the author’s present recollections of experiences over time. Some names and characteristics have been changed, some events have been compressed, and some dialogue has been recreated.