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4 - A Chat Room for Two

Soviet panel building entrance
Elena’s building entrance in Ivanovo, Russia A common sight in the former Soviet Union are massive, nine-story residential apartment blocks. The vast majority of the population live in these buildings, hastily constructed from prefabricated concrete panels and designed to last only 25 years. Stacks of flats are accessed via a shared stairwell. Often, multiple generations and extended families occupy single units. Corridors are unusual; instead, multiple stairwells and entrances -- such as this one -- connect flats vertically. These inexpensive, poorly built structures are largely neglected and in a constant state of disrepair.
Meg with a heavy pack
When the going gets tough, the trendy go hiking!
Soviet panel building exterior with stairwell entrance
This would have been a very swank building in the sixties. The blue, vertical section shows the location and entrance to a common access stairwell and possibly an elevator. This building also sports a vehicle access port to a courtyard formed by a palisade of usually identical buildings.
Lenin points down into a small-town, Russian square, from high upon his pedestal
From way upon high Lenin glowers. The massive banner adorning the building on the left is testament to a nostalgic fondness for the past totalitarian regime.
rodina mat monument in Kyiv
Motherland rodina mat monument in Kyiv, Ukraine. More than thirty stories of Soviet Stainless Steel.

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