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7 - Breaking the E-Barrier

The heroic city of Kyiv, highway sign
The Heroic City of Kyiv sign adorns the highway from Borispol Airport into the city itself.
30 stories of Soviet Stainless Steel Defend the Ukrainian Motherland
The Motherland is undoubtedly Kyiv's most prominent modern landmark. However, superstition won out when Mother's sword was truncated several meters to keep it shorter than the tallest church spire.
Aging Soviet Infrastructure
Remaining Soviet infrastructure, in use as long as possible.
View of descent over Ukraine west of Kyiv in winter
From ten kilometers up the Ukrainian Steppe in winter resembles a slab of white marble.
Aerial view of downtown Kyiv
Meg was lucky to see Downtown Kyiv from the air during her plane's approach to Borispol (Kyiv's international airport) to the south of the city. Toward the lower edge of the frame, the tombstone shaped area, with roads radiating away from it, is the famed Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square), focal point of the bloody 2014 Ukrainian revolution that brought down the Russian puppet government of Viktor Yanukovych.
Borispol International Airport, Kyiv Ukraine
Meg knew she was in trouble when her plane came to a stop nowhere near Kyiv's Borispol International Airport. The puddles to the left of the frame are not melting snow but deicing fluid.
Offices of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine entrance doors
Entrance to the offices of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine and focal point of countless protests, desperate pleas, and shady deals.

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