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9 - Declaring War

Kyiv Moskovska Boulevard in winter
Elena on Moskovska (now renamed) Boulevard. The state of this major arterial road is typical of winter road conditions in former Soviet republics.
Typical overhead view of drivers, bodyguards, waiting outside a vehicle while a backseat deal takes place between big honchos
Typical overhead view of drivers and bodyguards waiting outside a vehicle while a backseat deal happens between a Prokuratura shishka (pine cone: poo-bah, honcho) and interested party.
Demonstration on Boulevard Lesi Ukrainky, Kyiv, Ukraine 2006
Russian leaning, anti-European, supporters demonstrate on Kyiv's Lesi Ukrainky Boulevard, winter 2006.
Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc supporters on Kyiv's Lesi Ukrainky boulevard
The trademark Valentine's heart on white flags of The Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc are waved by her supporters along Kyiv's Lesi Ukrainky Boulevard.
Militia paddy wagons line Moskovska Blvd, Kyiv around the Central Election Commission building and square in 2006
Militia paddy wagons line Moskovska Boulevard in Kyiv. In Winter, 2006, their presence was an optically calming influence on protests and demonstrations in the Central Election Commission of Ukraine's public square and headquarters.
Russian Embassy in Kyiv as seen from the CEC's public square
The Russian Embassy's building -- the one with the Green Party banners -- is seen from the Central Election Commission's public square.
Maidan Nezalezhnosti during a 2006 demonstration
In 2006, Maidan Nezalezhnosti - Kyiv's Independence Square, was already a focal point for massive demonstrations.

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