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11 - Convergence

Kyiv train station Mcdonald's
Kyiv's train station's McDonald's restaurant. Photo taken following the attack as part of Elena and Meg's forensic examination of what happened.
Elena and Meg's kitchenette table spread with goodies from the west
The taste of freedom on the kitchenette table. Determination to not let it be taken from her, hardened Elena's resolve to stand up for herself.
Deal making Kyiv style by the Prokuratura
Deal making below the kitchenette window.
The color of the Orange Revolution, Nasha Ukrainia (Our Ukraine) flags color the horizon
The color of Orange Revolution. Nasha Ukrainia (Our Ukraine) flags color the horizon of Maidan Independence square.
pro Russian supporters of Nataliya Vitrenko
Pro Russian supporters of Nataliya Vitrenko, a candidate for the 2006 Ukrainian presidential election.
Meg and Elena at their sunny Kyiv flat
Meg and Elena in their sunny, Kyivian flat enjoying some down time.
Green Party of Ukraine members at the Ukrainian Central Election Commission headquarters
Green Party of Ukraine members pose for Elena and Meg. A younger, kinder, gentler, aware and hopeful vision for mother Earth. They didn't stand a chance.

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