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14 - Going Dark

Globus Mall under Maidan Nezalezhnosti
One of Kyiv's subterranean shopping malls.
Meg hides in her mastodon hide coat
Meg hides in her mastodon hide hoodie.
Window sill disaster area
The bedroom window sill in the Kyiv flat: A small example of how it had become something of a disaster area by the time Elena was ripping the place apart in search of her passport.
Globus mall under Maidan Nezalezhnosti
More of the subterranean Globus Mall under Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Kyiv's Independence Square).
Shopping Mall for the Whole Family somewhere in Kyiv
English, the language of shopping sits atop Ukrainian. Elena and a bit of Meg are reflected to the left of the frame.
Russian Internal Passport -- what a joke!
A Russian Internal passport. A Soviet identity document. Useless outside the former USSR.
Stalker in McDonald's
Downtown Kyiv at night
A night scene in downtown Kyiv.
Pecherskaya Lavra in Kyiv Ukraine
Pecherskaya Lavra, a religious compound that survived the Soviets.
An old chunk of wall at Pecherskaya Lavra
Love is in the air at Pecherskaya Lavra! A chunk of old wall is The go-to chunk of old wall for wedding photos.
Detail of Kyiv's Percherskaya Lavra
Architectural details and outdoor icons at the Pecherskaya Lavra.
Deli counter at Mandarin Plaza
Elena at the deli counter in Mandarin Plaza.
Mandarin Plaza salad bar
The Salad Bar at Mandarin Plaza. Site of major backbone development by Elena.
Extreme shopping, Soviet style
Extreme Shopping: usually outdoors, below freezing, dangerous.

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