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16 - Getting the Hell Out of Dodge

Doc Martins and car crusher wedgies
Elena's green Doc Martins and Meg's car-crushing wedgies.
The vestibule
The vestibule with Elena's parka and Meg's mastodon-hide hoodie.
Elena and Meg in the mirror
A vignette of Elena's mirror shots.
Elena on the Dell
Elena's turn with the Dell (laptop).
Elena on the phone
Elena, on her tiny mobile. Outskirts of Kyiv.
Living in fear
On the run, joy and abandon become fear and mistrust.
Gov Canada iconography of fear
The Canadian consul's business card -- Some details obscured.
Meg and Elena
Meg and Elena nursing each other through sore throats.
Arsenalnaya metro station in Kyiv Ukraine
Exterior of the Arsenalnaya subway station.
A couple, displaced in time.
A couple displaced in time. Elena found this pair crossing the terrace of Globus Mall in Independence Square in relative slow motion, compared to everyone around them.
Joyful revolutionaries in Kyiv Ukraine
Reveling in revolutionary times. "Joy, like air, is all around us, and like air, you might not see it but it's there, and you can't live without it." Thus spake Meg.
Meg and Elena
A mirror selfie in the Kyiv flat.
Maidan Nezolezhnosti - Independence Square Kyiv Ukraine
Revolution in Independence Square before it went from Orange to crimson.
Elena taking a picture with a tiny camera
Elena and her tiny Nikon. Meg snapped her snagging a shot on Khreshchatyk. The two of them were insatiable shutterbugs.
Kyiv street scene vignette
Standing in the intersection of Khreshchatyk and Bohdana Khmelnytskoho streets, in downtown Kyiv for the last time, Elena and Meg stood together and shot this 360 degree vignette along 8 compass points. The final shot is chewing gum, one of them planted dead center in the intersection, a fitting, "We was here!" statement that includes the toes of Meg's and Elena's boots.
Elena and Meg lined their bottles up along the Prokuratura in Kyiv Ukraine
In a last salute to the Prokuratura, Elena and Meg lined up their far from trivial collection of bottles along its foundation. Meg snapped this shot through the rear window of their ride as they fled from Kyiv.

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