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17 - The Open Road

Elena and Meg at a truck stop outside Kyiv
Elena and Meg outside Kyiv: a truck-stop, once decorated to resemble a Swiss mountain chalet.
Truck-stop toilet outside Kyiv
With the toilets boarded up, it was every man, woman and dog for themselves in the great outdoors.
highway from Kyiv to Odessa
The highway from Kyiv to Odessa -- So hard... to... stay... awake... zzzzz.
Highway, police roadblock
Meg snapped this shot, terrified their driver would sell them out at the roadblock.
Odessa train station
Odessa's train station, seen from the platforms and undergoing a major face-lift at the time Meg took this shot.
The Potemkin Stairs in Odessa, Ukraine
The Potemkin Stairs on Odessa's downtown waterfront.
Crumbling 19th century buildings in Odessa Ukraine
Something like Andre's, excellent, cheap hotel in downtown Odessa.
Freighters at dock in Odessa Ukraine
Freighters loading in Odessa's picturesque port.
Odessa Ukraine passenger sea-port
Odessa's passenger sea-terminal, a gleaming new hotel and ultra-swank casino are seen in this shot from Primorsky Boulevard.
19th century corridor in ruin
Slightly less than five stars.
Primorsky boulevard and promenade
Primorsky Boulevard, Odessa's version of Park Avenue and its promenade by day. The Hotel Londonskaya, where Elena and Meg took refuge, is to the left.
Meg and Elena in Londonskaya Hotel dining room
Meg and Elena in the Londonskaya's deserted dining room.
Elena and Meg in front of the Londonskaya Hotel in Odessa Ukraine
A paparazzi's shot of Elena and Meg leaving the Londonskaya hotel.

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