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20 - Crazy-Stupid-Desperate

Hare Krishnas on Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa, Ukraine
A walk in the park. Hare Krishnas stroll along Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa, Ukraine.
Young couple watch a ferry depart in Odessa Ukraine
A young couple in Odessa, Ukraine, watch a Black Sea ferry depart. An abandoned puppy lies at their feet.
Elena Ivanova on the phone
Elena, during one of her mother's abusive phone calls.
Wedding photo ops in Odessa Ukraine
A wedding photo op in Odessa, Ukraine
Meg Stone, Elena Ivanova mirror selfie
Elena takes a mirror-selfie in one of the Londonskaya's enormous hallway mirrors.
Huge mirror in ballroom at Londonskaya hotel in Odessa Ukraine
Another mirror-selfie in one of the Londonskaya's surrealistically humongous mirrors.
Elena Ivanova
Elena Ivanova on the Potemkin stairs in Odessa Ukraine
Elena on the Potemkin stairs in Odessa.
Elena Ivanova with unwanted kitten in Odessa Ukraine
Elena holds a stray kitten in Odessa, Ukraine.
Pack of abandoned dogs in Odessa Ukraine
Some of Odessa's castaways.

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