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25 - Oceanis

Gulets and Rugs for sale in Marmaris, Turkey
Boats and rugs! One stop shopping in old Marmaris.
Turkish gulets built in the open, near Marmaris, Turkey
Turkish gulets: large, wooden, sailing ships are built in the open near Marmaris, Turkey.
Marmaris appeared to be about yachting
Everything in Marmaris appeared to be about yachting.
Marine store in Marmaris, Turkey
Yachting! Yachting! Yachting!
Yachting Mecca, a store in Marmaris, Turkey
Marmaris, Turkey: Yachting Mecca.
yachting signage in Marmaris, Turkey
And more yachting! Yachting! Yachting!
Marmaris Bay
"Miles of tooth-loosening road, mortised into near-vertical rock faces," allowed Meg to snap this aerial shot of Marmaris Bay.
Feral dog and puppies in a boat dry storage lot
Discarded pets gone feral.
Sailboat in dry storage
Elena (upper right) crawls aboard one of the sailboats propped up on sticks in the desert.
Elena Ivanova taking a photo in front of Gino Yachting, Marmaris
Meg took this picture of Elena taking a picture (it's the one below) of the boat they ended up with. The building in the background is Gino Yachting's.
Beneteau Oceanis Elena and Megs boat
In the water, ready to go (on short charters, mind you) this is the boat, dubbed Boadicea by Elena, that became their escape vessel.

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