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28 - The Twilight Zone

Elena Ivanova supervises the launch of her yacht
Elena supervises the yacht's launch from the travel lift.
Yacht launced from a travel lift
The yacht, lowered into the water, still in the travel lift's harness, is checked for leaks before letting it loose.
Elena and Meg yacht Boadicea in Netsel marina, Marmaris, Turkey
Elena and Meg's yacht afloat at the dock.
Elena Ivanova at the helm of Boadicea
First sailing lesson -- maneuvering under motor.
Man cleans a yacht propeller
With the yacht high and dry, one takes the opportunity to get at those hard to reach spots.
Elena Ivanova in a rubber dinghy
Discovering that their boat came with a rubber dinghy and outboard motor was like winning the bonus prize. No lessons needed. Elena prepares to take it out for a spin around the marina.
A swindler makes off with cash
The irascible Harvey, getting "his" cash.
Elena Ivanova at the helm learning to sail
Sailing lessons progress while yacht preparations grind to a crawl. Elena "listens" to the yacht, learning to find the sweet-spot: an indefinable set of the sails and helm that bring the boat to life.
Elena Ivanova with her sailing instructor
Sailing lessons: Sinem shows Elena the art of getting the most from the wind.
Meg and Elena learning to sail. Marmaris Bay, Turkey
Meg and Elena at the helm, learning to sail in Marmaris Bay, Turkey.
Backgammon aboard Boadicea
Elena and Sinem, locked in a fierce battle of Turkish-rules backgammon.

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