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29 - Tomorrow You Die!

Elena Ivanova studying at the table
Elena studies sailing, geography, and meteorology.
Meg Stone with Visa card
Meg wields the Visa card with practiced skill.
complete fail amateur radar arch
Harvey's radar arch. A complete fail and a stunning setback for Elena and Meg.
Meg Stone suggests cross bracing the radar arch total fail
Meg (hands in the air, burgundy top, bizarre hat) explains to the professionals, and startled bystanders, how cross bracing might be a good idea.
Radar arch epic fail
Harvey's epic, radar-arch fail puts Meg (burgundy top, weird hat, right) and their boat, center-ring in the marina circus, yet again.
Meg Stone at an ATM in Marmaris Turkey
Meg at an automated teller, keeping up the cash outflow. Netsel Marina, Marmaris, Turkey
epic radar arch fail
The builders, embarrassed by Harvey's epic design fail, helped hide it in the bushes behind the emergency generator shed at Netsel Marina in Marmaris.
pile of money and laptop
Some of the thousands of dollars Harvey hoovered up.
Elena Ivanova at the Marmaris police station
Elena loiters outside the Marmaris police station.
planting onions in Marmaris
With not a lot else to do while Harvey fritters away precious time, Meg plants onions.
Elena Ivanova and Meg Stone aboard their boat
Elena and Meg, making it work, one way or another.

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