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31 - Boadicea

Meg Stone with navigational chart of the Caribbean
Meg ponders a large scale planning chart of the Caribbean.
workers on a yacht
Outfitting at warp-speed lay waste to the yacht.
Meg Stone Elena Ivanova
Meg and Elena earned a lot of dedicated Turkish friends when they stood up for themselves. In this photo, Meg (on the left) and Elena (on the right) pose with the marina manager.
Elena Ivanova with power screwdriver
Kemal, one of Nadia's technicians works away while Elena watches.
Elena Ivanova oils teak aboard Boadicea
Elena oils the decorative, barn wood finish.
Elena Ivanova in Turkey watching sailboats
Elena contemplates sailboats at anchor off a Turkish beach.
Meg Stone with a desalination unit
Meg poses by a water desalination unit.
Technician pulling wire aboard a yacht
What seemed like miles of conduit, cable, wire and hose was yanked, shoved and snaked through impossibly inaccessible spaces.
Technicians at work on Elena and Meg's yacht
Meg looks on (orange shirt) as technicians install the radar arch.
Meg Stone purchases boat parts
Ahmed and Meg go over a mind boggling list of spare parts and supplies.
Provisions laying waste to the yacht
Just some of the provisions going on board while the yacht underwent repurposing.
Elena Ivanova looks at laptop with a worried expression on her face
Elena gazes at a voyage planning and chart ordering website.
Two women float on their backs in the water
Nadia and Sinem take to the water following Elena's coronation (refer to the following image) as a sailor.
Elena Ivanova with her sailing instructor
Sinem dubs Elena a sailor.
Meg Stone, Elena Ivanova and their friends in Marmaris, Turkey
Nadia, Meg, Elena and Sinem sit across from each other (this is two photos) at an outdoor restaurant, celebrating their friendship.

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