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32 - Castaways

Elena Ivanova is surrounded by stuff that has to be stowed somewhere aboard Boadicea
Elena is overwhelmed by all the stuff that has to be stowed somewhere.
Boxes of provisions await stowage aboard Boadicea
Some of the 8 months of provisions Elena and Meg had to find room for.
Meg Stone in a customs office with the cleared parcels and paperwork
Meg snapped this selfie with her customs cleared satellite communication gear.
Storage space challenges aboard Elena and Meg's sailboat
Space restrictions present an interesting challenge
Provisioning aboard Elena and Meg's sailboat, Boadicea
Nadia and her magic phone making things happen aboard Boadicea
Aft battery compartment on Boadicea
Last minute preparations aboard Boadicea. Netsel marina, Marmaris, Turkey
Last minute preparations aboard Boadicea
Elena gives Meg her death stare.
Exit to Mediterranean from Marmaris bay at sunset
Passage to the Mediterranean from Marmaris bay, taken as Elena and Meg fled to the open Mediterranean sea

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