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34 - Facing Death

Meg in bed with earplugs in
Elena took this shot through a hatch of Meg braced in bed.
Meg Stone and Elena Ivanova in offshore sailing gear, take a selfie south of Crete. Photo used by the BBC
Meg and Elena took this selfie somewhere south of Crete.
Elena Ivanova stares into the abyss aboard Boadicea
Elena contemplates the abyss.
Meg Stone at the wheel of Boadicea
Meg takes the helm!
Meg Stone on the deck of Boadicea
Meg models the latest in personal flotation and beach wear.
Elena Ivanova aboard Boadicea fishing for tuna in the Mediterranean
Elena, trolling for dinner.
Elena Ivanova with a tuna she caught in the Mediterranean
The sea wouldn't mourn the loss of one tuna.
Shattered stainless steel rudder shaft, corroded by years of electrolysis
The wind vane self steering contraption's shattered rudder shaft. "Broke like a clay pot."
A glorious sunset
The sun would rise on a world that was less that one fish.

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