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41 - Pirates

Meg Stone whittles a new windvane shaft
Meg whittles a windvane shaft
Elena Ivanova climbs the mast
Elena goes up the mast
Whitewater and foaming rough seas caused by an outflow wind off Mexico and shot from a porthole as a wave breaks over the deck. Photo by Meg Stone
Outflow wind, stirring things up in the gulf of Tehuantepec
Filthy cockpit during heavy weather sailing. Elena and Meg
Tidiness takes a hit during heavy weather sailing.
Meg and messy cockpit
"Whadda-ya mean, messy!?"
Huge wave off Mexico
Big wave in the gulf of Tehuantepec
Humongous wave about to flood the boat
See the open hatch? 'Nuff said.
Elena Ivonova at the helm of her heeling yacht
Elena takes on the Tehuantepecker
Meg Stone uses diving gear to avoid blowing sand
Meg takes on the Tehuantepecker
Boadicea takes a wave over the bow while upwind sailing, called beating
Rough seas in the gulf of Tehauantepec off Mexico
Upwind sailing, heeled hard over, seen from below deck
This is what heeling looks like below deck. The camera is level, check out the tethers hanging from the companionway.
Meg Stone fixes the electrical system
Something's always busted on a boat
Sailing yacht Boadicea on glass water in the doldrums off Mexico
The doldrums

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