The Bastards Won't Win! Risking it All to Stay Together

Decision-maker’s Reasons

By Elena

In brief

Charitably, it’s inaccurate and incompetent. Realistically, it’s fictional and malicious.

In more detail

The application was finalized immediately following a reporter’s inquiries from The Daily Beast.

This begs the question: would anything have happened without the media’s intervention?

The letter of decision was sent to a (now deceased) lawyer, I last dealt with 11 years ago, although the application and their records list my current lawyer handling the case.

Could this have been accidentally-on-purpose (which happens more often than not, with IRCC) to “lose” the refusal and prevent my possibility of mounting an appeal?

Their losing my asylum request file for three years prevented my applying for permanent residence. Although I was in Canada, stripped of the right to travel, the honorable, “decision-maker” refused to take those years of my life into consideration because I did not provide proof it was their fault they lost the files.

Honorable “decision-maker” claims I wasn’t in any hurry to accumulate proper number of days in Canada as a permanent resident because I took 9 months to apply for permanent residence. The 9 months is pure fiction. I applied immediately after I had been declared a refugee in July 2010. I received permanent residence in September 2011, 14 months after applying for it. Maybe they lost my application?

In a number of places in the refusal, the Honorable “decision-maker” has quoted things from my lawyer’s submission that are not in the submission.

Honorable “decision-maker” accuses me of not providing proof of the drug cartel feud in Mexico that we found ourselves, and our boat, and the entire resort, and many other resorts and countless foreign yachts, and for which we had a file with Canadian Embassy in Mexico, and we along with hundreds of others were held hostage by, and which was majorly covered in the press.

Once we escaped from Mexico and made it to California, we were hesitant to proceed through Mexico without at least some consular protection for me. We were trying to get to the Canadian East coast, thus we had to go past a lot of Mexico to get to the Panama canal. Honorable “decision-maker” declared that I was actually LIVING in California, after reading our lawyer’s words, stating, I was afraid to leave California, and proceed through Mexico without state protection.

Not fearful enough to be Canadian

Honorable “decision-maker” states that I am not scared enough for my safety to warrant Canadian citizenship because I’m not too scared to “travel the world on her yacht.” Let’s get this clear: In other words I and my family members have to stop having dreams, freedom, and stop living our lives so that I can prove I am worthy of becoming a Canadian citizen?