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12 - Under Attack

Flag Kyiv at the European Table on Kreschatic
Sunday afternoon on Kreschatic, Kyiv's main downtown street, closed to vehicles on Sundays.
Elena Ivanova restrained by parents outside McDonalds in Kyiv Ukraine
Elena is restrained by her parents outside the Kyiv train station's McDonald's during the assault and kidnapping attempt.
Elena Ivanova photographs candles
Elena photographs candles
A plush toy bunny, Celtic bracelet, Chanel glasses, cheesy candle, package of nickel metal hydride batteries
A plush toy Elena gave to Meg when she arrived, sits on a Formica bedside table along with various artifacts.
Elena Ivanova in Kyiv Ukraine
Elena with her tiny Nikon. Pre-attack and kidnapping.
Ukrainian police in 2006
Militsia - or Militia, the Ukrainian equivalent of police, huddle around the station entrance smoking nervously in a blizzard.

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