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40 - The Other Side of the World

Meg Stone gazes upon Barbados with binoculars
Meg gazes at Barbados with binoculars
Elena Ivanova with binoculars in the West Indies
Elena spies the West Indies through binoculars.
Choppy sea at sunset. Photo Elena Ivanova
Nightmare seas: choppy waves and very little wind.
Elena Ivanova at the helm during a Caribbean gale
Elena Ivanova, helmswoman, facing a Caribbean gale
Meg and Elena's yacht Boadicea seen from the top of the mast
Boadicea (and Elena) from above.
Thunderstorm at sunset in Caribbean sea. Photo by Meg Stone
Thunderstorm at sunset. Typical, Caribbean weather around the ITCZ
A poignant shot of Elena Ivanova contemplating the meaning of life while at sea
Sunsets were the hardest for Elena
Meg Stone checks out the Colon Yacht Club
Meg learns to walk on chicken legs at the world's most dangerous yacht club.
Fixer-upper yachts at the Colon Yacht Club, Panama. Photo by Elena Ivanova
A couple of fixer-uppers at the Colon Yacht Club
Panama City, Panama. Photo by Meg Stone
Panama City, Panama
Gatun locks gates at night in the Panama Canal, Caribbean side
Elena took this shot as the first gate of the the Gatun locks closes on the Caribbean and Atlantic.
Last gates of the Panama canal open onto the Pacific. Photo by Elena Ivanova
When one door closes, another opens... this one, onto the Pacific ocean.
Elena Ivanova at the helm of Boadicea entering the Pacific ocean from the Panama Canal, photo by Meg Stone
Elena on the other side of the world

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