I am Elena

I am Elena. In 2006 I fled my homeland, Russia, and sailed half the world to be with the woman I love. The journey Meg and I got ourselves into, while running for our lives and our love, changed me dramatically. Since our planet crossing escape from Russia, years of travel and discovery with Meg, compel me to observe the world, to truly live, and to write.

Talking to the Moon

Talking to the Moon, my first book, tells the story of my escape from Russia and is currently available only in Russian.

Description in English.


The fight for my love, to live my life with Meg, and for my freedom, has never ended. Until this day, 13 years after we fled Russia, Meg and I are sill struggling for every day together and for our survival. PARALLEL is the continuation of our story of love, the struggle for it, and to live as we want.

Description and the chapters translated into English.



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