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Make Your Own Rights


It comes down to making, or taking your own human rights, or equality, or dignity, or safety. The fact that there are “rights” at all, means that there is someone (or thing) threatening those rights. Declaring you lesser than they, by not letting you do something that they can. Usually, imposing that inequality for their own aggrandizement.

It works like this: you are beholden to some group for declaring, that you are suffering an injustice by being deprived of some right or equality due to some wretchedness, defect or shortcoming. By acknowledging your wretchedness — for whatever reason: who you love; what you believe in, or don’t; the color of your skin; the beer you drink — it makes them look good. It also gives them power, leverage -- whatever -- over you!

When it comes down to it,

Something granting you permission to be free, to think, to love, to dream is about the most denigrating act of all.

Whose life are you living? It isn’t up to some smug jerk to grant or deny you anything. It is up to YOU!


Elena and I knew life was worthless if we let something else dictate how we should live it. So we did everything we could to live life our way, to do what was right for us. We went as far as we had to in order to do that. In other words, we granted ourselves the right to be together and to be free. It’s been one hell of a fight. We’re actually rather astonished that we are alive to this day. But we are free, we are together, and we are beholden to nothing!

As for all that rights and equality crap getting trampled on, actually, we never really had time to think about it. We were too busy saving our asses (taking back our lives), but the point is: we never gave in to it. We never got into that “yes we are less than you, so please, magnanimous government, or group, or whatever, acknowledge our lesserness, we’ll be your poor victims, and you can save us and tweet about it.” Screw that! We are who we are. We don’t compare ourselves to anyone or anything, so equality is NOT a factor. We are simply living, loving, learning and dreaming… until we aren’t. And there is simply nothing anyone can do to stop us. Because, when it’s over, it’s over. But, wow! So far, we’ve been having one heck of a great adventure!