The Bastards Won't Win! Risking it All to Stay Together

A Pair of Aces

By Meg

We have come out of an all too prevalent closet, hidden under the LGBT blanket. It’s taken a number of years, and the common misconception is that because we are two women that want to be together, we are lesbian (homosexual) and in a sexual relationship. The reality is, our relationship isn’t based on sex and it never was, nor was it even a consideration. Although this really doesn’t matter to us, classification seems to be terribly important. It also helps define how we want to be treated by others.

An encounter with a filmmaker — who happens to be ace: asexual, herself — and the most recent of the many aces we’ve met on this amazing journey, got us thinking about the whole ACE and asexual branch of the LGBT spectrum. In short, we have come out of the closet as asexuals, and discovered an absolutely huge and generally hidden and downplayed community.

We plan to have creative control over the upcoming movie about our escape and planet crossing adventure. The relationship between the two main characters will not be based on sex in any way, and the movie will not have any sex in it. Our hope is to show the vast majority of people out there, who are not simply driven by sex or the commercial tyranny of it, that like us, they too can take back their lives, and live as they want.


Elena’s “Unprogrammed”