We Crossed the Planet, on Our Own, to be Together
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Elena & Meg

a Rule Shattering Love Story

Elena and Meg, Meg Stone

Elena and Meg fled Russia, crossing the planet entirely on their own to be together. This is their awe-inspiring account of escape, survival and freedom.

Meg is a rebel. Push her, and she pushes back. She takes outrageous risks, looks for thrills, throws herself into horrifying and hilarious situations... until it all becomes deadly serious. Then... everything changes. She grows up, learns what it means to love, to take responsibility, face death, face life, and the meaning she gives it. She learns to measure value in heartbeats, not dollars. In a year-long run for their lives, she not only rescues the deer-in-the-headlights Russian, who risked everything and crashed into her life, but rescues herself.

© Meg Stone, 2020
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Performed by Jeanine Kane


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