Next Destination

Meg and I are looking for a place in the world that would grant us both, a Russian and a Canadian, the right to reside. As presently our survival depends wholly on our boat we will be attempting to reach Montenegro in the former East-Blok Yugoslavia, which allows Russians legal entry. At least, this is the case as of February 2024.

The risk of loosing our lives while crossing the Atlantic and the Mediterranean again, on the very boat we fled from Ukraine and Russians nearly two decades ago, is very high. We have been doing hard and often brutal sailing between various developing countries that allow us both to enter as tourists, to stay together. These countries do not have the facilities to properly maintain our tired escape vessel and the years and storms have been hard on both our boat, and on us.

The alternative to risking it all on another ocean crossing, essentially back to where it all started, is a continuing limbo of dodging hurricanes in the tropics, between a dwindling number of countries that allow a Russian to land. This endless uncertainty and homeless exile, for years to come, seems like a fate worse than death to us. We have been living in crushing isolation, constant danger, grinding poverty, desperately hoping to reconnect to humanity, and kindness, maybe community, a sense of place or home, for more than a decade. Russia, clamping down on any noncompliance inside and outside, whose passport I carry, will one day deny it to me and I will loose the only shred of safety or membership in the human race I’ve got left: a right to be anywhere on the dirt of this planet.

We considered selling our boat in the Caribbean and flying to former Yugoslavia instead. However, at the moment, fixing the boat and bringing it up to standards, financially it isn’t an option for us. Nor are there facilities in the undeveloped world with the necessary tools/heavy equipment to do what desperately needs doing.

Meg and I need residency. We need a legal right to come in from the sea. We need to save ourselves again. And we need to do it before the next hurricane season traps us in the Caribbean, or the boat simply disintegrates beneath our feet.