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Story Continues in Parallel

Elena Vaytsel, Talking to the Moon is released!

In 2016 Meg and I ended up in Charleston, SC. It was there, that I stepped onboard of SS Yorktown. It's decks and the faces of sailors on the photos, some long gone, screamed to me how precious life is. How precious freedom is. Freedom from the rule of others over your destiny. It was on Yorktown that I conceived a story where my current lifeline connects with a universe where my counterpart never met Meg and didn't run from Russia. Naturally, Yorktown became one of the main characters of the story.

The book is in Russian, available in ebook format, only.

Elena Vaytsel, Parallel

On the photo: Elena, on SS Yorktown, in Charleston, SC, in 2017, sends an SMS message to her counterpart, Yelena, in 2005 in a different Russia, in a parallel universe.