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Personal Freedom - a Fast Track to Exile

By Elena

Time is passing and I am glad it does. It heals the wounds Canada inflicted by denying me citizenship in my partner’s, my family’s, country. I also discovered that the pain Meg and I lived with for more than 6 years, being played like a fish while Canadian Immigration decides to deny me equal rights, was actually self-induced. Giving in to “fate” and convincing myself that I have no power over my life was of my own making. It was I who did this to myself, not somebody else. After a year long ocean trip with Meg that completely liberated me, I succumbed to the environment that reprogrammed me back into believing that I have no power over my life and that I must accept and live by the edict that rights, dignity and freedom can only be granted to me by others.

Meg and I did something people don’t often do – we fought for our lives and our love no matter what the cost, no matter what the obstacles. On the way across the planet we became liberated of every single constraint and doctrine there is. At the conclusion of the journey that liberated us was Canada. Meg and I were back in her world – a world we were free of while being at sea. We were then immersed into the rosy propaganda about benevolent Canada and believed in it even when we and what we’ve done to be together was ridiculed and dismissed. Not only that, but each step we were making to live our lives the way we want, to be happy, to achieve, to be strong and self reliant, and to experience and love life, was met with outright hostility.

The general attitude was that by taking our lives in our own hands and escaping to the other side of the planet, entirely on our own, we got away with something. Instead of doing it the “proper way,” like everyone else, and depending on and trusting the government and the system in place to look after us. That by looking after ourselves we were cheating, making ourselves special, better than every one else.

People wonder why the story never came out earlier: in 2007, when we actually got to Canada. The answer is simple -- Canada wasn’t interested. We approached numerous Canadian newspapers and were ignored or dismissed. Canadians either aren’t interested in, or are prevented from learning about, or are programmed to denigrate, stories about people taking back their lives (personal empowerment, self respect, freedom), and doing it with their own hands. In our case the government or its arms or even its doctrine were not involved in what we did to save our lives and be together and free. There is an example before you of a very dangerous precedent -- the proof that a person can improve his/her life on their own, that they can fight bad guys and that in reality they don’t need to be victims, and they can truly empower themselves.

Our story eventually did get published in Canada in 2017, (after world-wide media attention) so that Canada could claim a piece of it. An article by a Canadian network, Global, twisted the story completely, to imply that I sailed half the planet because I wanted to immigrate to Canada. Comments to the piece went something like this: "So? It was just a way for her to get to Canada. She is a queue jumper. She is gaming the system." This is, I believe, widely shared attitude of Canadian people to what Meg and I have done to be together.

It is in Canadian nature to attack anyone who excels, who has the courage to take action for themselves without government sanction, participation, support, and without waving Canadian flag. Just few days ago, thinking about it, Meg and I came to a telling discovery: the only people who care about us and actually acknowledge what we’ve done, and who we connect to are the people who we have never seen -- people who learned about our story through the media. Our fight for freedom, proving that it is actually possible, is what people of the world are grateful to Meg and I for, and this is also the very reason why we are attacked and denigrated by Canada. In this light it no longer comes as a surprise for me that my family, that is Meg and I, have no country. Still, I choose this life, when I am true to myself and am free, over the alternative.

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