Our voyage never ended

I'm not kidding. Meg and I are still on the same boat and without a country. Lenta.ru, made a nice map of our wanderings. The red line on it, is our original escape from Turkey to Meg's home. Everything else is our voyage after leaving Victoria in 2012.

Elena and Meg's voyage map

This is what Meg says

We live on the run to be together; not because we are queer, but because we don't share a mutual citizenship. We don't consider this a hardship, it's just the way it is for those who love across enemy lines. We are not victims. We are simply doing whatever it takes to be together and live as we want. And by crikey, does this ever put paid to media queries.

Meg, today

Why not Canada?

Elena, Boadicea

You are probably wondering why we aren't in Canada, this veritable utopia. There are plenty of reasons. Like: we don't like Canada and we don't have to be there. Here is another one. Literally hours after Meg and I washed up on Canada's shore, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service asked me to spy on Russians in exchange for immigration favors. I declined. After 12 years of bureaucratic bungling, I was denied citizenship and equality with Meg.

Want to know more? Here is my hilarious interview with Meg about Canada: EPUB, PDF.

So what Meg and I are saying, is that living the way we do, with no 'home', 'safety', address or country is more preferable to us than being in Canada? Yeah, you got that right. Our dignity, dreams and freedom are way more important to us. And actually, we feel way safer by not being in Canada.

Canadian Immigration was screwing with us for so long and with such a craze, we want nothing to do with it. Besides, I can't enter Canada any more. Because I am traveling on a Russian passport after CIC, for a whole year, were refusing to issue me a travel document. We had to go to the press before we got heard. No siree! We are not doing that again.

So what next?

We are escaping the place we are currently in and heading where it feels right. We are preparing our boat for the voyage right now, today is March 18, 2023, and if all goes well and we make it, we will find ourselves back in the Mediterranean! The best way to follow our progress is by visiting this website or Elena and Meg channel on Telegram.