The Bastards Won't Win! Risking it All to Stay Together

Why don’t we appeal?

By Meg

It’s looking like we did everything right: did our time, paid our fees, jumped through the hoops, and they (Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada) messed up. Probably, on purpose (see The reasons why). We screwed up by assuming that like a normal organization they would see their oversights, fix them, and live up to their end of the contract: give us the service we paid for in full (with our money and years of our finite lives).

Okay, so that didn’t happen. Instead they blamed us for their too-outrageous-to-believe screw-ups. Any analysis, especially when factoring in the criminal disregard, and absolute contempt for our rights, our love, our safety, our actual lives — in one craven incident after another, leads us to believe that what they did to us wasn’t accidental, but was intentional.

Why don’t we appeal?

We don’t find that option very appealing (pun intended). In point form:

  • Cost into 5 figures. This is no small obstacle. The last 12 years have cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are tapped out, maxed out, and wiped out.
  • Lifespan is finite. Appeal: up to 2 years. IF we win the appeal, the application is sent back to IRCC all over again, for another 3 to 6 years.

What we’re going to do