The Bastards Won't Win! Risking it All to Stay Together

Boadicea – an Excerpt from “Parallel”

By Elena

…The sky was darkening, allowing the lights of Charleston to shine brighter. Elena turned. She looked at Boadicea nestled at the intersection of the two docks. Boadicea was indistinguishable amongst the floating island of other yachts, there was nothing unique to make her special. But to Elena, she was special. Sometimes, as though startled awake from a dream, Elena would suddenly remember what it was all for, would remember her voyage to Canada, to her freedom, and gaze at Boadicea’s haul and her soft lines. Once, she stepped aboard for the first time, saw her for the first time, and slept below her decks for the first night. After Boadicea came to rest in British Columbia, battle weary and seasoned, Elena once approached the vessel at anchor, gazed at her mast and boom and it dawned on her that all of it had carried her and Meg across oceans, made their survival possible, kept them together. Boadicea was never just a yacht for Elena – for her she was a symbol of her love for Meg and her liberation.

An excerpt from “Parallel” by Elena Ivanova

Story continues in PARALLEL