The Bastards Won't Win! Risking it All to Stay Together

Course: Oblivion

By Elena

And that’s it, Meg and I won’t be a Canadian family, because I won’t be Canadian citizen.

We’ve been coasting on the hope of us one day being equal and not living with the fear of being separated due to us being citizens of different countries for so many years, we both feel hollowed out. I am not sure if there is a way in this world to simultaneously be together and choose your own path wihtout being threatened by regulations or jerks, which is all we want. 12 years after our journey to be together, Meg and I are still looking for the place in the world that would let us live as we want and treat us as equals.

We are abandoning our previous plans that were based on Meg and I both being Canadian and coming up with a different way of going on with our life and journey.

Update, September 16th

Canada isn’t the world, and it doesn’t define me in any way, never did. Freedom and dignity is not membership in a club called citizenship; freedom is in me. I make my own freedom. I am and have always been, in many ways, more liberated than most people. I have Meg, we have a home together – each other, ourselves and the world – we are free to follow our heart and that is a lot! It’s just it took years of abuse and the final punch for us to clear our head of rosy Canada-is-so-great propaganda and see things the way they are. It was my naivete and misconception to expect compassion and dignity from that country just because I followed Meg to it’s shores and because Meg, my spouse, is Canadian. It is just a system in the end, a machine. It does not see you as a person, it doesn’t care about your life, it is there to serve itself. The best thing one can do is to forget about it and return to the truly important things in life. And that is exactly what we’ll do.

Meg and I will go on living with whatever circumstances we have. That’s just it, no other way to put it. Nether me, nor Meg will lay down and die. We still believe that this planet is amazing and we will experience everything we can. There are beautiful people out there and I am convinced we will meet them on our journey, we already have. I love Meg, to me our union is the biggest treasure in the world and given the choice again, I would jump into this life with her again without a single doubt.