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Elena’s Interviews with Meg

By Elena

In 2006 two women, a Russian and a Canadian, sailed half the planet to be together. In these interviews I, Elena, ask Meg questions I wondered about for years.

Out there – in Kiev, in Turkey and in the ocean – it was the two of us. Everything that stood in my way, stood also in Meg’s way. Only it always seemed to me that while all I had to do was to follow Meg’s footsteps, she had it way harder. She came up with, planned and realized an endeavor that laid squarely on her shoulders and which because of it’s complexity and enormousness seemed unachievable.

It is an understatement to say that Meg astonished me and continues to do so. She may have shared years of her life with me, but till this day I try to figure her out, find the source of her courage, energy, the ability to squeeze, drill a way through virtually any obstacle standing in her way. This interview with Meg was intended to do just that.

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“Oh Canada!” From these loaded words and exultant headlines, one assumes this North American pseudo-country is a veritable utopia. But what do we really know about Canada? What is life like there? What are the people like in Canada? Join me for a hilarious, no holds barred, irreverent, interview with Meg, a Canadian, familiar with a class system that officially doesn’t exist; two worlds, two very different realities: obscene wealth, ignorance, safety, and contempt; yet, just across the tracks, it’s a world of servitude, poverty, social programming, fear and despair.

Consider this fair warning: you might just puncture a lung, laughing yourself to hysterics with Meg’s megadose of whoop ass reality. Be careful, it bites!

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