The Bastards Won't Win! Risking it All to Stay Together

Possible reasons for citizenship refusal

By Meg

Any of these might have something to do with IRCC's negative decision on Elena's citizenship application:

  1. Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada needs to appease established bigots; and play up to a backward, fundamental religious source of labor and population
  2. The Canadian government is anti LGBT, and proven so, in a class action
  3. We refuse to be broken, denigrated, and forced into slave labor
  4. We're in the public eye and outspoken
  5. We stand up to bullies
  6. Elena refused to spy for CSIS in exchange for immigration favors
  7. Someone (whom neither of us has anything to do with, other than being related to) burned a Liberal Prime Minister's son, then a multi-billionaire, to partner up with kd lang

Putting this out there, just so it is clear, there's probably a lot more to this persecution than a vendetta for item #7.