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Meg Tells Our Story:

Meg tells our story in Convergence
About the Book
When I met a Russian architect online

I had no idea she was literally running for her life. Our meeting a year later in Ukraine, unleashed a convergence of events that had us crossing the planet in a year-long fight for our lives and our love.

Elena and I want you to feel,

to fall in love,

and to take back your life!

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Elena Tells Our Story:
Talking to the Moon

Talking to the Moon, Elena Ivanova, cover image
About the Book
Elena Ivanova at the helm of Boadicea

Meeting Meg and my journey with her to the other side of the world shook up my whole life, my perception of the universe and my place in it. The events that changed me most profoundly, I recall in my Russian language memoir, Talking to the Moon: meeting Meg, escaping to her in Kyiv and our run for our lives and freedom to the Pacific coast of Canada.

© Elena Ivanova, 2016, Language: Russian, 64,400 words

On Russian TV
Россия 24, Елена и Мег, Елена Иванова, фэйк, новости, Зеленский, гражданство, Киев

ANCHORWOMAN: When one listens to Elena talking about her fascinating love for Meg one can't help but recall a Brazilian soap opera or a trashy romance novel from a news stand. There is everything in her story: evil parents who came to Kyiv to drag her back to Ivanovo. There is also a brave friend, who retrieved the document from them and brought it to Elena. There are nasty Canadian bureaucrats who don't allow women to realize their rights.

COMMENTATOR 4, famous Russian novelist Natalia Tolstaya: This story very much looks like a screenplay for a Bollywood film. Vilans tend to come out of wood work only if love is mind-boggling. Here we have astouning love so mother and father crash onto the scene and steal her passport. The events are so crazy. Then she somehow manages to stay in Ukraine. Then some girlfriend retrieves her passport. If her parents stole it, they would have never give it up.

Россия 24, Елена и Мег, Елена Иванова, фейк, новости, Зеленский, гражданство, Киев

ANCHORWOMAN: Famous novelists advise Elena: “if you want to impress Ukraine's elected president you should pay more attention to the facts.”

COMMENTATOR 5, famous Russian novelist Julia Shilova: There is a lot of dynamics here. Still, the reader can sense deception. And of course I would like it to look more like true life. Because the events are, indeed, extraordinary. It's just way over the top.

ANCHORWOMAN: Elena and her partner don't even try to hide the fact that they have a fancy for creative writing. On the very website where they posted Elena's address to Zelensky they place their books where they write about their love, freedom and their sea wandering that has been going for 12 years already. However, it looks like there is way too much water in their lives. This is what Elena says in her address: “Dear Ukraine, let Meg and I come back from the sea and return home.”

Россия 24, Елена и Мег, Елена Иванова, фейк, новости, Зеленский, гражданство, Киев

ANCHORWOMAN: Only it is unclear what would become of this story of love if one was to rid of water (lies) not just in Elena's life but also her writing?

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1 - Елена 2 - Темница 3 - Он

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Our Journey Goes On:

Parallel, Elena Ivanova, cover
About the Book


Our fight for our liberation, to live as we want, has never come to an end. Our arrival in Canada wasn't the end of our journey, only an intermission. In my latest book, Parallel, reality entangles with a parallel universe in which Meg and I never met.

© Elena Ivanova 2019, All rights reserved
Language: Russian, 73,300 words


Two parallel realities connect on an old aircraft carrier in South Carolina.

In one of the two lifelines is YELENA in Russia in 2005. The crucial moment is fast approaching: she must choose to give in to societal expectations and her mother’s demands, or attempt the unthinkable -- stand up for herself and her own self-determination.

In the other timeline is ELENA, Yelena’s counterpart in 2018 Charleston, twelve years older. Having fled the very world Yelena lives in, Elena is going through a struggle of her own -- the freedom she gained, years ago, by sailing across the planet with the woman she loved, gave her her life, but left her with no community and no place to call home.

The unstable nature of the connection between their two worlds prevents the women from relying solely on their tenuous link through time and space. When their paths diverge, each of them must find the strength to make their own way through life, despite the circumstances.

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1 - Первый контакт 2 - Йорктон 3 - Красный телефон

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