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By Elena

In 2006 Meg, a Canadian, and I, Elena – a Russian – crossed half the planet to be together and free.

The journey has never ended. Our escape not only opened up the world for us, it also liberated us from the programming and rituals of society. We, no longer, can live without personal freedom, and we are thrilled to travel the world in search of new adventures and friends.

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What's happening now:
CONVERGENCE readers! I've been getting material posted with an 8" android tablet. Let's just say, it's a bit like sweeping out a barn with a toothbrush! Rewrites of chapters 14 & 15 are posted along with photos and captions for chapter 15.
We're winding our way back to the seriously-off-the-beaten-path Bahamas: the extreme southeast islands and cays; the desolate, raw edge of this sunken archipelago; places with no signs of tourist infestation. We'll try to find fuel and groceries in the eczema cays, on our way back to the Bahamas that counts! Then we'll be on our way back to Turks and Caicos for an expletive filled meeting or two (and to buy me another computer!) and then, who knows? This is adventure, liberation and how life should be! Not a heartbeat wasted.
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