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Two parallel realities intersect on a decommissioned aircraft carrier in South Carolina.

In one lifeline is YELENA in Russia in 2005. The crucial moment is fast approaching: she must choose to give in to societal expectations and her mother’s demands, or attempt the unthinkable -- stand up for herself and her own self-determination.

In the other timeline is ELENA, Yelena’s counterpart in 2018 Charleston, twelve years older. Having fled the very world Yelena lives in, Elena is going through a struggle of her own -- the freedom she chose over the role her country demands of her and her journey across the planet with the woman she loves gave her a life of her own, but left her with no community, and no place to call home.

The support Elena and Yelena give each other, via the entanglement of their realities, is finite. When the wormhole in time and space collapses, each of them must find the strength to go on within themselves.

Parallel by Elena Ivanova