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Elena and Meg Speak!

On the Quantification of Sex: Elena and Meg encourage everyone to drop the insecurity and just do what's right for them!

Make Your Own Rights: Meg says that human rights, equality, dignity and safety are ultimately up to the individual

Not on Social Media: Elena explains why she and Meg aren't on social media

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My voyage with Meg

The crucial moments of my year-long, planet-crossing voyage with Meg; what it gave me, what I learned, who I became.

Freedom From Sexual Tyranny

A word of unconventional advice from a nonconforming misfit.

A Dangerously Unconventional View of Canada

A Canadian who is skeptical of modern day Canada? It can't be; everybody loves Canada. If you are interested in an opinion that differs from what you see on TV, and hear on the radio or in trendy chat, join me for this interview with Meg.

Ten Tips for Women to be Recognized by Society and Irresistible to Men

What society calls "being attractive", is a woman's subjugation and denial of her personality and genuine aspirations.