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Convergence is Out

In 2006, Meg and I, a Canadian and a Russian, headed into the open sea, to escape bad guys and stay together. Our voyage brought us across the planet. Not only did it let us stay together, but it liberated us from social tyranny and conditioning. Our journey has never come to an end. We love each other more than ever. We will go on, cherishing every day of our lives, and reveling in everything this amazing world shares with us!

Looking Back

Elena Ivanova
Quotation Mark

I am actually grateful to everybody in my life and to every event in my life because in the end they all led me to who I am now and to what I have now. What I've got out of this is an incredible adventure, incredible relationship. I have met Meg and I am very happy with who I am now.

Meg Stone at the helm of Boadicea
Quotation Mark

I was looking for meaning and I know that I found my meaning in Kiev. And I know for one: my life has taken on so much, I would never trade it for a second because this... this has been one hell of a trip.