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Two Women Cross the Planet
in a Fight for Their Love and Freedom
Convergence, Meg Stone, cover

In 2005 I met a Russian architect online. Little did I know, she was literally fighting for her life. Our meeting a year later, in Kiev, Ukraine, unleashed a convergence of events that had us running for our lives and our love -- across the entire planet.

I set out to save the life of this extraordinary woman, but in the end, I also saved my own.

Language: English, 127,600 words
© 2019 Morgan "Meg" Stone



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In Russian

Talking to the Moon

Говорящая с луной, Елена Иванова, Елена и Мег

Meeting Meg and my journey with her to the other side of the world shook up my whole life, my perception of the universe and my place in it. The events that changed me most profoundly, I recall in my Russian language memoir, Talking to the Moon: meeting Meg, escaping to her in Kiev and our run for our lives and freedom to the Pacific coast of Canada.

Language: Russian, 78,200 words
Copyright Elena Ivanova, 2016

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Description in English


Параллель, Елена Иванова, Елена и Мег

The fight for my love for Meg and our life together has never ended. Until this day Meg and I are struggling for every day together and for our survival. PARALLEL is the continuation of our story of love, the struggle for it, and to live as we want.

Parallel is my account of true life events that I lived trough in Russia, before meeting Meg and during my life with her after our escape. The connection between the two temporally displaced worlds is fictional, the worlds, themselves, are all too real.

Language: Russian, 73,000 words
Copyright Elena Ivanova, 2019

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Description, in English, and translated chapters.